Courtesy: Metro Arts


Nashville, Tennessee

Erik Carlson (

Lentz Public Health Center, 2500 Charlotte Ave., Nashville, Tennessee, 37209
Owner:  Metro Nashville Arts Commission (
Date:  2014
Placement:  health facilities
Collection:  Metro Nashville Arts Commission
Artwork Type:  interactive art, sculpture (visual work)
Material:  glass (material), lighting device components, wood (plant material), circuit boards
Description:  Modeled on the concept of small-world networks and the body's circulation system, the interactive artwork dramatically animates the ideas of flow and connection. Circulate utilizes motion-capturing technology to translate real-time images of the movement on the stairs into dynamic and ever-changing animations revealed as the 124 LCD glass disks fade between opaque and clear. Like the building itself, Circulate encourages health and fitness by rewarding those who take the stairs.

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