Courtesy: Catherine Woods
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Silver Spring, Maryland

Catherine Woods (

Located outside of Core Residencies, 8621 Georgia Ave., Silver Spring, Maryland, 20910
Date:  2017
Placement:  housing complexes
Collection:  Foulger-Pratt
Artwork Type:  sculpture (visual work)
Material:  glass (material), paint, stainless steel
Description:  The color images fired on to each of the thirteen architectural glass discs are iconic images of the Silver Spring area which the artist has transformed into colorful abstract collages using her photographs of the region. The images are fired on to glass and laminated for a permanent, colorful display as durable as skyscraper windows and car windshields. The metal discs are pierced stainless steel and create an interesting pattern play as the viewer looks through them. This active sculpture, which is different from every angle, activates the courtyard of the development with elements of complex shadow and uplifting color.

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