Courtesy: Shawn Causey
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Bright City

Indianapolis, Indiana

Shawn Causey (

Exterior wall, 155 South Delaware Street, Indianapolis, Indiana, 46204
Owner:  The Buckingham Foundation
Date:  2013
Placement:  exterior walls
Collection:  Arts Council of Indianapolis
Artwork Type:  wall pieces
Material:  stainless steel, acrylic, steel (alloy)
Description:  In the summer of 2013 I installed my large scale sculptural steel mural, Bright City, on a 200 foot long exterior wall in the heart of downtown Indianapolis. The piece was commissioned by the Arts Council of Indianapolis. The mural is 12 feet tall and 171 feet long. Made from steel panels and mirrored stainless steel, it is a low tech, high impact color field composition. I fabricated and installed Bright City in collaboration with contractor Mark Daniell. The mural is a low maintenance, permanent structure. It is engineer approved and detailed for an exterior environment.

I designed Bright City to be viewed in transit, while traveling from either end of the piece to the other. It is an immersive field of color and light. On my first site visit, it was apparent that the wall was part of a corridor, essentially a passageway for pedestrians, cyclists and motor vehicles. The composition creates a hospitable transition through the area, drawing the viewer along that corridor, following undulating rhythms of warm and cool color combinations. Upon approach, narrow vertical strips of color compress away into the distance. In passing, those strips open to wider fields and reveal a punctuation of vertical mirrored stainless strips throughout. Reflections of the city ripple through the composition, and strips of reflected light enliven the sidewalk.

Bright City is vibrant day and night, engaging in all kinds of light and weather, from a distance, and while passing at varying speed.

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