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“We make concrete from sand,” he [Leandro Erlich] said. “But it also expresses a sense of the ephemeral. Climate change is real. But it can also be difficult to grasp.”

We are pleased to announce that Reno's public art collection is now available for exploration on the Public Art Archive!

Don't forget to check out artworks originally created for Burning Man that are installed in Reno, too!

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Join us for Part II of the Exploring the Public Art Archive webinar on Thursday, November 10, 1 PM EST.

To register:

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Want to learn more about the Public Art Archive's Collection Management System? Register for the Community Collections Spotlight: Exploring the Public Art Archive webinar on September 19 from 1-2:30 EST.

Did you know that the @PAArchive now offers collection-specific maps of public art? Get in touch to learn more about this feature! PAArchive