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#makepublicartmorepublic by submitting your public art (individual works and/or collections) to the Public Art Archive. There is no cost for inclusion, and all submissions will be accessible to the public on our desktop and mobile platforms. #publicartarchive #hawaii_sfca PAArchive photo

We’re collecting resources, dialogue and strategies on approaching the presence of these removals in digital public art collections. Connect w/ us on social media or send us an email to start the conversation: PAArchive #publicart #makepublicartmorepublic PAArchive photo

Looking for resources to map your your public spaces and strategize ways to include more voices in that process? Tweet us or reach out: PAArchive Help us #makepublicartmorepublic
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You don’t need a museum or gallery to engage with public art, you can experience all types of public art from the comfort of your own home or car! Discover new public artworks on the Public Art Archive—and take a drive! #ExploreResponsibly #paarchive #aftacon @Americans4Arts PAArchive photo