PAA Database

  • Totally free, continually growing, online and mobile database of completed public artworks;
  • Free to contribute to and interact with from your desktop, tablet or mobile device;
  • Searchable with filters that aid in research and education.
  • Copyright holders retain their rights for any data and media that the Archive displays;
  • Built upon standardized vocabularies to describe artworks in a consistent manner;
  • Integrated to support mapping features for virtual or on foot exploration;

Dreaming Forward/Soñando by Alex Paul Loza. 2018. ArtsBuild Collection, Chattanooga, TN. Photo courtesy Alex Paul Loza.

Purpose of PAA

Make public art more public.

  • Document public artworks across the globe;
  • Provide free access to information about public artworks in one central repository;
  • Develop resources to inform diverse audiences about the breadth and depth of what constitutes public art today;
  • Support best practices in cataloging public art;
  • Raise awareness about the significance of public art;
  • Showcase the variations of worktype, function, material, and subject matter;
  • Encourage sustained engagement with public art to support physical exploration;
  • Preserve the transforming history of public spaces so we can continue to learn from public art practice.