Courtesy: Stefani Byrd
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You Sound Funny (When You Smile)

Atlanta, Georgia

Stefani Byrd (, Wes Eastin (

Empty Commercial Storefront, 313 Nelson St SW, Atlanta, Georgia, 30313
Owner:  Artists
Date:  2009
Placement:  storefronts
Collection:  Le Flash
Artwork Type:  installations (visual works)
Material:  video (art discipline), sound device components
Description:  The installation is an interactive experience designed to reverse the roles of majority and minority. Two giant digitally projected heads look out - and respond in real time - to the audience as they walk by. The heads heckle and mock the audience for their strange mannerisms and behaviors. The two featured actors are second generation Hmong refugees whose family fled from China due to the harshatment of that minority. The scale of their projected faces is what makes the audience feel like the minority. By reversing the roles of our common perception of normality, this piece attempts to playfully expose our own ingrained ethnocentrism.

"Le postmortem on Le Flash — the art and the street party", by CATHERINE FOX, Published October 5, 2009See article


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