Courtesy: RISCA Staff
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Wild Horses

Providence, Rhode Island

Peruko Ccopacatty (

Courtyard at Exchange Terrace, Exchange Terrace, Providence, Rhode Island, 02903
Owner:  Peruko Ccopacatty
Date:  1998, 2018
Placement:  plazas
Collection:  The Avenue Concept
Artwork Type:  sculpture (visual work)
Material:  steel (alloy)
Description:  Peruko Ccopacatty is a Rhode Island-based artist who is considered a folk hero in his native Peru, not only for the rugged beauty of his art, but also for the way it reflects the traditions of the indigenous Aymara culture from which he comes. This piece made of reclaimed steel, reflects the beauty and power of its subjects. On exhibit at the courtyard at Exchange Terrace in 2018 through The Avenue Concept and sponsored by the Skye Gallery.


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