Courtesy: Courtesy Richard McCoy and Associates (2014)
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When I Was Your Age

Walesboro, Indiana

J. Seward Johnson Jr.

Faurecia Emissions Control Technologies, 950 West Country Road 450 South, Walesboro, Indiana, 47201
Owner:  Faurecia Emissions Control Technologies
Date:  1990
Placement:  commercial buildings
Collection:  Columbus, Indiana
Artwork Type:  sculpture (visual work), acrylic paintings
Material:  bronze (metal), steel (alloy), rubber (material), resin (organic material), textile materials, paint, metal
Description:  This sculpture was made by J. Seward Johnson Jr. and consists of a 1931 Model A car with a bronze man pumping the proper left front tire of the car and a bronze child sitting inside at the steering wheel. On the car is a 1931 license plate. The clothing on the human figures is a color patina and lacquer process developed by Johnson. This sculpture pays tribute to Arvin's beginnings as the Indianapolis Air Pump Company and their first product, the tire pump. Originally commissioned in 1989 by Arvin for display in the 13th Street traffic circle at the old Arvin Headquarters in Columbus. It was later completely restored and installed at the Walesboro location that is now home to Faurecia Emissions Technology.

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