Courtesy: Wick Alexander/Robin Brailsford
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We Hold These Truths (exterior) and Let Justice Like A River Roll (interior)

Charlotte, North Carolina

Robin Brailsford (, Fred Chappell

Mecklenburg County Courthouse Walkway, 832 East 4th St, Charlotte, North Carolina, 28202
Owner:  Mecklenburg County
Date:  2007
Placement:  courthouses
Collection:  Arts & Science Council Public Art Program
Artwork Type:  carvings (visual works)
Material:  limestone, marble (rock)
Description:  This project was made possible through Charlotte-Mecklenburg's 1% for Art Ordinances and overseen by the Arts & Science Council.Working with former North Carolina Poet Laureate Fred Chappell, the artist conceived an artwork integral to the form, function, and symbolism of the County Courthouse. The work is literally tattooed, or sandblasted, onto the stone skin of the building. In the exterior, series of quotes from the declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution are accompanied by complementary phrases that provide historical and philosophical context. The ideas illustrate that the spirit of liberty, slowly working its way over the millennia within the human heart, cam to historical climax in the words of our nation’s forefathers. The interior holds a carved poem written by Chappell which echoes, in poetic form, the sentiments of America’s founders.

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