Courtesy: City of Pleasanton
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Various Works: Topographis, Diseno, Pear, Blossoms, Skeletal Arch, Alviso Adobe Trellis

Pleasanton, California

Ann Chamberlain

Val Vista Community Park, 7350 Johnson Dr., Pleasanton, California, 94566
Owner:  City of Pleasanton
Date:  2004
Placement:  parks (recreation areas)
Artwork Type:  outdoor sculpture, mosaics (visual works), architecture (object genre)
Material:  steel (alloy), concrete, ceramic tile, wood (plant material)
Description:  Topographis: This beautiful bridge contains 1/2 inch steel rods that are bent to accentuate and flow with the shape of the creekbed; Diseno: This play area is designed after the topography of the area. Sculpted concrete represents the Tri-Valley land area. Pear Blossoms: To compliment the pear blossom trees that are placed in the park, two large ceramic installations depicting pear blossoms are placed on the walls of the restroom facilities. Skeletal Arch: A steel pipe arch was constructed to pay homage to the Downtown Pleasanton Arch. This arch also serves as a vine trellis. Alviso Adobe Trellis: This wood framed trellis was designed for climbing roses and was modeled after the home of Juan Francisco Alviso.

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