Courtesy: Eskenazi Health, Photo: Hadley Fruits
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Untitled #77

Indianapolis, Indiana

Artur Silva (

Eskenazi Health | Sidney & Lois Eskenazi Hospital l 5th Floor Women's Specialties Outpatient Waiting Room, 720 Eskenazi Ave., Indianapolis, Indiana, 46202
Owner:  Eskenazi Health (
Date:  2013
Placement:  hospitals
Collection:  Eskenazi Health Art Collection
Artwork Type:  prints (visual works), works on paper, prints (visual works)
Material:  ink, paper (fiber product)
Description:  Untitled #77 is a digital inkjet print with a variety of colors, images, and patterns melded into a single image. From representations of American textile patterns from the 1960s to official states’ quilts to African patterns, Artur Silva promotes a dialogue about influences in artistic practice and explores the dynamism behind humanity’s desire to create. He is a digital media artist who identifies and focuses on pattern in the images he collects — not just the shape and color of the patterns, but other information such as their age and circumstances that surrounded their creation. In each of the works commissioned, Silva used textile imagery from India, Indonesia and the United States to create one unifying composition. The artist is interested in bringing the anonymity of these patterns, both new and from the past, to prominence.

“I thought about a concept that could represent the true diversity the population of Indianapolis. The method I chose to do was by exploring textile patterns to engage in a much broader dialogue about the movement of ideas, cultures, and people. My works were inspired by the 1914 Wayman Adams project in which he created 20 portraits of children from different ethnicities for the pediatric unit. The prints I created utilize textile patterns from Asia to Africa and the Americas. They are both explorative and familiar. I wanted these works to reflect the diversity of the population of Indianapolis in the 21st century. The end result is a set of prints that are feminine, energetic and contrasting.” -Artur Silva

“The project starts with research to collect images from textiles or from archived images of textiles. I use imaging software to assemble and modify the individual images, color correct and rescale them. As the process of creating the elementary form of the composition begins, I start selecting the patterns that will work best within the shapes I create. I strive to be as diverse as I could with the origin of the patterns while observing each individual pattern's color and composition. After the conceptual decisions were made at narrowed the pool of images significantly, enabling me to focus on aesthetic designs.” -Artur Silva

Artur Silva was Born and raised in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, where he attended the Guignard University of Art. He moved first to New York City to work as a professional artist, then to Indianapolis in 2001 until 2014. Silva has shown his work in solo and small group exhibitions at the Harrison Center, Editions Limited, Marian College and Big Car Gallery locally as well as at Convento Gallery in Belo Horizonte, Half Dozen Gallery in Portland, Ore., and NavtaSchultz Gallery in Chicago. His work has been included in group exhibitions internationally, and he has paintings in the collections of the Indiana State Museum and the Fort Wayne Museum of Art. Silva has received many prestigious local and regional awards, including an individual artist grant from the Indiana Arts Commission, a Creative Renewal Fellowship from the Arts Council of Indianapolis, a grant from the National Association of Latino Arts and Culture, an Efroymson Contemporary Art Fellowship and a Midwest Visions grant for residency at the Ox-Bow School of Art in Michigan. He maintains ties to Brazil and still exhibits there.



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