Courtesy: Museum of Outdoor Arts

Two Open Trapezoids: Excentric V

Englewood, Colorado

George Rickey

Museum of Outdoor Arts, 1000 Englewood Parkway, Englewood, Colorado, 80110
Date:  1978
Placement:  community centers
Collection:  MOA
Artwork Type:  sculpture (visual work)
Material:  stainless steel
Description:  George Rickeyb.1907, South Bend, IN d. 2002, St. Paul, MNTwo Open Trapezoids: Excentric V, 1978Stainless steel152' x 40-177' George Rickey was an American sculptor raised in Glasgow, Scotland. He studied painting in Paris, but moved back to the US in 1934. Rickey continued to paint, but also became interested in sculpture, producing small mobiles resembling the work of Alexander Calder. Highly influenced by Constructivist theories, Rickey later focused on kinetic art, and deserted painting altogether.5 George Rickey liked to describe his work as "drawings in space." Rickey\\\'s trapezoidal forms are an elegant expression of geometry in motion. The hard-edged form of each trapezoid contrasts the fluid, sweeping gesture of the movement. Weights located in the bottom of each trapezoid return the forms to their upright position whenever wind initiated movement comes to a rest.



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