Courtesy: Coutesy of the Regional Arts & Culture Council

Talos No. 2

Portland, Oregon

James Lee Hansen (

Transit Mall, SW 6th Ave. and SW Stark St., Portland, Oregon, 97204
Administrator:  Regional Arts & Culture Council
Owner:  City of Portland (
Date:  1959
Placement:  sidewalks
Collection:  Regional Arts & Culture Council
Artwork Type:  sculpture (visual work)
Material:  bronze (metal)
Description:  The title of James Lee Hansen's "Talos No. 2" draws from an ancient Greek myth about Talos, a giant warrior created from bronze to guard the island of Crete. He had one vein running from his neck to his ankle which flowed with lead, a sacred fluid believed to be the blood of the gods. This sculpture transforms the mythic figure into an abstracted form. Rather than mimicking the monumentality of the character, Kelly invokes him though this vaguely human but altogether otherworldly creature that seems to take in its surroundings from three directions at once, acting as a guardian to those who pass by.

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