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Seattle, Washington

Benson Shaw (

Thornton Creek Water Quality Channel; WIGGLE POSTS - Northeast entry plaza (water channel out flow). Intersection of 5th Ave NE and NE 103rd St. BAD BUOYS - Mid site FALLING WATER - Southwest entry area (water channel in flow). Intersection of 3rd Ave NE and NE 100th St., NE 103rd St and 5th Ave NE, Seattle, Washington, 98125
Owner:  Seattle Public Utiilities
Date:  2003, 2010
Placement:  waterways
Artwork Type:  sculpture (visual work)
Material:  steel (alloy), aluminum (metal), resin (organic material), glass (material), vinyl, stainless steel, LEDs, acrylic
Description:  "Surge" addresses water quality and storm attenuation in Seattle’s Thornton Creek watershed. A series of “vignettes” at three locations along the channel further the viewer’s understanding of the water-cleansing process at this site and the ideas of falling, detained and flowing water. “Falling Water” consists of light globes and blue glass gabions that flow across the south end of the channel wave. “Bad Buoys” rise and fall with changing water levels. Tall sculptural “Wiggle Posts” announce the site at he north end, mimicking a sine wave that represents the measuring of water collection and aquatic fauna and flora. Throughout the site are glass insets that represent water at different points in the cleansing process. The artwork places the water channel within the site’s greater environmental and cultural context.

Seattle Public Utilities 1% for Art funds

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