Courtesy: Darrell Taylor
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Sun Studies

Cedar Falls, Iowa

Dale Eldred (, Roberta Lord Eldred

Interior, Center for Energy and Environmental Education, CEEE, room 109, Cedar Falls, Iowa, 50614
Owner:  University of Northern Iowa (
Date:  1994
Placement:  universities and colleges
Collection:  University of Northern Iowa, Iowa Art in State Buildings Program
Artwork Type:  installations (visual works)
Material:  glass (material), aluminum (metal)
Description:  Comprised of three zones: Sun Ring, consists of twelve diffraction columns in the Lobby/Atrium; Sun Planes, comprised of multiple 18 inch square glass plates surfaced with a linear, tight-band diffraction grating installed on top of the architectural sun-catching planes on the south hemisphere of the Lobby area; and Sun Array, a series of diffraction panels suspended, one each from the truss elements, which are spaced along the length of the second floor’s east-west corridor. Both Eldred and Lord admired the architecture of this building and envisioned it as an instrument, as a time-piece on its own that responds to the sunlight, to the passage of time, and to the way in which light and shadow manifest the rotation of the Earth.

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