Courtesy: Shelly Willis
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Stepped Tower

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Jackie Ferrara (

University of Minnesota, Library Access Center, 21st Avenue South, West River Parkway, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55455
Owner:  University of Minnesota
Date:  1998, 2000
Placement:  universities and colleges
Collection:  Minnesota Percent for Art in Public Places
Artwork Type:  mosaics (visual works)
Material:  granite (rock)
Description:  Sited above the Mississippi River at an old bridgehead where there is no longer a bridge and across the river from the Weisman Art Museum, the tower is constructed of decreasing lengths of stacked granite. On each of its four sides a center spine of alternating joints climbs two thirds up the tower surface. On the top third at every eighth course a checkerboard band of red and black square stones wraps around the tower. The five bands accent the stepped form and skew the geometry of the vertical spine by laying it horizontally. Stepped Tower is a marker locating the library, a place for people to meet, and a tribute to its unique site.

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