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The Stack on French: Fortuity

Sanford, Florida

Jennifer Lindquist (

Roadside, 2109 South French Avenue, Sanford, Florida, 32771
Owner:  Alex Filosa
Date:  2017, 2018
Placement:  roadsides
Collection:  Alex Filosa & The Office of Art, Planning & Design, LLC
Artwork Type:  mural paintings (visual works)
Material:  paint
Description:  “Fortuity” is one of five murals that make up “The Stack on French” Public Art Mural Project of Sanford. Jennifer Lindquist created modern-abstract compositions typical to the style of her work and which ‘nod’ to the mid-century modern era of the (1957) and the defining trapezoidal shape of the architectural ‘stack’ feature that is the canvas for thishis mural. Painted on the south-side of the ‘stack’, this mural composition was chosen by students of Hamilton Elementary from a series of 4 provided by the artist.

The composition of the mural is non-representational, a balanced arrangement of geometric and biomorphic shapes that give it that mid-century flair. This mural uses the same simple 3-color palette, plus black, white and gray that Lindquist used on the other 2 murals of this project. It is a graphic style with minimal use of shading or highlights for dimensionality. Line variations (hatch, stipple, scribble) are used decoratively and for texture.-------------------------------------------------------

“The Stack on French” is multi-mural project - 3 artists made 5 murals equaling 1500 square feet of vibrant, contemporary art.

This project was created and managed by lead artist, Jennifer Lindquist. She invited 2 other artists, Jasmine Ramos and Ysabel Flores, to contribute murals to the overall project.

It was the architectural ‘stack’ feature jutting through the roof of a gritty little micro-strip mall building (circa 1955) in Sanford, Florida that inspired Jennifer Lindquist to develop this public art project. The 'stack' with its characteristic mid-century shape was calling for an interesting art mural that, not some commercial signage.

The building sits on the very busy US Route 17/92/French Avenue, an entry corridor to Sanford's historic downtown. With a high ratio of strip mall buildings and a cacophony of commercial signage, Lindquist saw this one building as an opportunity for artistic intervention. She invited fellow artists, Ysabel Flores and Jasmine Ramos, to help transform the site into a mini public art gallery with hopes that it inspires future Public Art projects down this corridor.

A $1000 grant from the Awesome Foundation of Orlando provided the seed money that launched “The Stack on French”. The remainder of the project was funded by 36 backers of a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign.

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