Courtesy: Landmarks Staff

Square Tilt

Austin, Texas

Joel Perlman (

PCL Plaza, 101 E 21ST ST, Austin, Texas, 78705
Owner:  Metropolitan Museum of Art (
Date:  1983
Placement:  universities and colleges
Collection:  University of Texas, Austin | Landmarks
Artwork Type:  sculpture (visual work)
Material:  steel (alloy)
Description:  Perlman’s works of the 1980s are pictorial, that is, essentially flat arrangements best seen from a frontal viewpoint, like a painting. Square Tilt is an example of Perlman’s best-known compositions, which suggest portals or gateways: a square or rectangular frame surrounds a large opening. Despite its considerable weight, Square Tilt conveys an impression of airy weightlessness. Seen outdoors, the large central opening functions as a window in its environment. Square Tilt consequently carries connotations of openness, far horizons, and passage into other domains of perception and thought. This sculpture is one of twenty-eight modern sculptures on long-term loan from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York as part of the first major initiative of Landmarks and is located at the PCL Plaza.

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