Courtesy: Dan Corson
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Snaking Root Ceiling

North Bend, Washington

Dan Corson

Seattle Public Utilities Cedar River Watershed: Interior of the Education Center, 19901 Cedar Falls Road SE, North Bend, Washington, 98045
Owner:  Seattle Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs
Date:  2002
Placement:  public buildings
Artwork Type:  sculpture (visual work)
Material:  neon, glass (material), concrete
Description:  Artist Dan Corson created Snaking Root Ceiling for the entry of the Cedar River Watershed Education Center. Four tree roots, harvested in the area, are suspended from the ceiling. Krypton and argon light tubes, representing the flow of water and energy of the Cedar River water system, intertwine with three tree remnants. Corson writes: “Walking into the welcoming building under sod coveredred roofs, the root ceiling helps conjure the underground world that allows trees to absorb water through the gnarled masses of a tree root system. Argon (green tubes) and krypton (purple tubes) gasses illuminate the ceiling while mimicking the contorted root patterns. In addition, the tubes weave in the association of flowing water and flowing electricity (the Cedar Falls Hydroelectric Facility) into the Snaking Root Ceiling.”

Funding source: Seattle Public Utilities 1% for Art.

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