Courtesy: Beliz Brother
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Seattle, Washington

Beliz Brother

Seattle City Hall: 1st floor in the main lobby, 600 4th Avenue, Seattle, Washington, 98124
Owner:  Seattle Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs
Date:  2003
Placement:  municipal buildings
Artwork Type:  photographs
Material:  glass (material), photographic materials
Description:  Seventy-four glass panels form a faceted, sweeping curved glass wall comprising Beliz Brother's artwork return, which encloses the Bertha Knight Landes Room in the main lobby below the Seattle City Council Chambers. Each panel, approximately 20 inches high by 36 inches wide, contains an image sandwiched between two layers of tempered glass. The sepia-colored images were created from photographs taken by the artist or from archival collections.

Brother states, "Each image reveals a fragment of the city's built and natural environment. The images together form a very personal view of a walk through the city now, 30 years ago, 50 or more years ago. The use of color, form and the juxtaposition of shapes evoke an emotional landscape of our city Seattle." This wall is one of three artworks by Beliz Brother at City Hall.

Funding Source: Fleets and Facilities Department 1% for Art.

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