Courtesy: Linda Grebmeier
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Reflect, Learn, Live - a triptych of paintings

Fairfield, California

Linda Grebmeier (

Solano County Events Center, triptych of paintings installed on the north wall, first floor lobby, 601 Texas Street, Fairfield, California, 94533
Also known as:  Reflect, Learn, Live
Date:  2009, 2010
Placement:  convention centers
Collection:  Solano County Public Art
Artwork Type:  paintings (visual works)
Material:  oil paint (pigmented coating), linen (material), panels (wood)
Description:  “Reflect, Learn, Live” is a triptych of paintings spanning 13 feet and installed in the Solano County Events Center in Fairfield CA. To convey the project themes of “Community” and "Connecting the old and new architecture," I strove to capture the historical nature of the building and how it served and continues to serve the community: left panel, building was used as a library in the past; center panel, local Solano County history; right panel, present day usage as a meeting center for County employees and community organizations. Light unites the paintings: late afternoon light filters into the illuminated library on the left panel; light crosses the distant landscape and spotlights objects of history in the center panel; light encompasses the Spanish architecture resting between shadowed buildings and historical sculpture in the right panel.

The left panel honors the original purpose of the first stand-alone building for the Solano County Free Library by capturing the scene in it’s original years. There is a quietness as people read and study with light filtering into the library. The windows and beams in the painting reflect the architecture with these same beams seen physically above the paintings in the hallway.

The center panel of the triptych replicates the original archway entrance to the library. It acts as a window to view the local marshland and big skies seen in Solano county. This larger panel invites close viewing to see objects that represent local history: Indian Ancestry through basket and arrowhead; Farming Community through pears, fruit labels, and old orchard drawing; Gold Rush period through the scale; and Building the Government Center through rolls of blueprints. Tile-work at the base of the painting’s archway can also be seen inside this building. Library books thematically connect the left and central panels, while the cast shadow of Chief Solano connects the central to the right panel.

The right panel depicts citizens using the Government Center complex with windows of the new building in the background reflecting the signature palm trees, the Courthouse across the street, and the Old Library. The statue of Chief Solano welcomes people walking between the buildings while the new circular walkway and path surround the Old Library connecting the old with the new.

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