Courtesy: City of Austin staff
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Reach for Your Dreams

Austin, Texas

Ambray Gonzalez

Montopolis Youth Sportsplex, Roy G. Guerrero Colorado River Metropolitan Park, 800 Grove Blvd., Austin, Texas, 78741
Owner:  City of Austin Art in Public Places Collection
Date:  2002
Placement:  recreation centers
Artwork Type:  sculpture (visual work)
Material:  limestone, slate (rock), rock
Description:  This carved limestone column is the focal point of the entrance to the baseball fields of the Montopolis Youth Sports Complex. The sculpture honors the children of Montopolis and the history of ball playing from the early Aztec ball players to Father Delaney, who helped start the neighborhood sports league. Each figure in the deep relief carving exemplifies a youthful drive to strive for the best, and inspiration for the imagery originates with the predominantly Hispanic Montopolis community.

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