Courtesy: Courtesy of the Regional Arts & Culture Council

Zoobomb Pyle

Portland, Oregon

Brian Borrello (, Vanessa Renwick

W Burnside St and SW 13th Ave, W Burnside St and SW 13th Ave, Portland, Oregon, 97205
Administrator:  Regional Arts & Culture Council
Owner:  City of Portland
Date:  2009
Placement:  traffic islands
Collection:  Regional Arts & Culture Council
Artwork Type:  sculpture (visual work)
Material:  steel (alloy), gold leaf
Description:  The Peoples Bike Library of Portland is a functional bike rack, bike "lending" library, and monument to the vital bike culture of Portland. Erected by artists Brian Borrello and Vanessa Renwick in collaboration with Zoobomb (, an iterative design process led to the current sculpture. An accumulation of small kids' bicycles are locked to the sculpture, lent to the public for weekly "zoo bomb" rides.

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