Courtesy: Coutesy of the Regional Arts & Culture Council

Peace Chant

Portland, Oregon

Steven Gillman (

South Park Blocks, SW Park Ave. and SW Columbia St., Portland, Oregon, 97201
Administrator:  Regional Arts & Culture Council
Owner:  City of Portland
Date:  1984
Placement:  parks (recreation areas)
Collection:  Regional Arts & Culture Council
Artwork Type:  sculpture (visual work)
Material:  granite (rock)
Description:  Steve Gillman's 'Peace Chant' is the first known peace memorial in Oregon. Gillman designed the sculpture to create a space where people could sit and have quiet time. In his work, he uses the nature of the stone to create a feeling of space and time, juxtaposing natural, manmade, and architectural elements to remind of us of man's place in nature. The following poem was chosen by Gillman to be displayed alongside the finished work.

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