Courtesy: City of Austin staff
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Parque Zaragoza Murals: Comité Patriota, Cinco de Mayo and Diez y Seis

Austin, Texas

Fidencio Duran

Parque Zaragoza Recreation Center, 2608 Gonzales St., Austin, Texas, 78702
Owner:  City of Austin Art in Public Places Collection
Date:  1996
Placement:  recreation centers
Artwork Type:  mural paintings (visual works)
Material:  acrylic paint
Description:  Located in the multi-purpose room and main lobby of a community recreation center, these three murals depict the community’s cultural and historical heritage. Comité Patriota honors community leaders who in 1932 helped establish this neighborhood park where the Mexican holidays of Cinco De Mayo and Diez y Seis are celebrated. The other two murals illustrate the historic context of these important holidays. The artist involved neighborhood children in the development of the murals.

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