Courtesy: Ellen Sollod
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Origami Tessellation 324.3.4 (Fractured)

Seattle, Washington

Ellen Sollod (

Mercer Street at Boren Avenue North (in the median), Mercer Street at Boren Avenue North, Seattle, Washington, 98109
Date:  2012
Placement:  median strips
Artwork Type:  sculpture (visual work)
Material:  stainless steel, lighting device components
Description:  Inspired by fractal forms and patterns found in nature and science, "Origami Tessellation" marks the entrance to Seattle’s South Lake Union neighborhood, recently redeveloped as a center for biotech and high-tech industries and home to the newly constructed Lake Union Park. Lighting from the inside and out highlights the edges and planes of the artwork, emphasizing the form as a beacon to those entering the city from Interstate 5. During the day, the sculpture resembles folded paper. The landscaped median on which the sculpture is sited—collaboratively designed by the artist and a landscape architect—features a berm with undulating rain gardens of native plants, providing bioremediation for toxic chemicals found in storm water. This landmark is an integral part of the city’s “make-over” of the Mercer Corridor.

Complementing the completely new boulevard are custom-designed LED-lighted finials on the street lamps and specially programmed lighted pavers, both designed collaboratively by Ellen Sollod and LMN urban designer Mark Hinshaw.

Seattle Department of Transportation 1% for Art funds

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