Courtesy: Philip Rogers, Shannon Wisner
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Open Room Austin

Austin, Texas

Roberto Behar (, Rosario Marquardt

Sand Beach Park, 115 Sandra Muraida Way, Austin, Texas, 78701
Owner:  City of Austin Art in Public Places Collection
Date:  2010
Placement:  parks (grounds)
Artwork Type:  sculpture (visual work)
Material:  powder coating, aluminum (metal)
Description:  Open Room Austin was conceived as a social sculpture—a place of encounters and stage for everyday life and stories to unfold—and features a 24-foot-long table with a “delicate” lace tablecloth, benches, and lighting structures, all made of powder-coated aluminum, inside an al fresco “room” surrounded by trees. The piece has hosted various activities, such as wedding photos, parties, bike tours, dog walks, and spontaneous salons, and continues to derive meaning through public interaction.

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