Courtesy: Kelly Pajek, Office of Arts & Culture
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Nine Lives

Seattle, Washington

Peter Reiquam

Fire Station 9, 3829 Linden Ave. N., Seattle, Washington, 98103
Date:  2013
Placement:  fire stations
Artwork Type:  sculpture (visual work)
Material:  powder coating, aluminum (metal), blown glass, LEDs
Description:  Inspired by the Eveready Cat ® icon – Fire Station 9’s distinctive identifying symbol – this colossal cat perches at the roof’s edge as if he is about to leap to the ground to join his crew on their next life-saving mission. The monumental scale of the black cat sculpture also serves to identify this facility as a civic building and assure the public that their fire fighters are “Ever Ready.” The artwork’s sense of whimsy is a fitting match for the station and its family-centric neighborhood, and is well suited to Fremont’s personality. "Nine Lives" has become a destination on Seattle art tours of the Fremont neighborhood, and a landmark for the community.

The "Nine Lives" artwork project was named in the Americans for the Arts’ 2014 Year in Review, the only national program recognizing projects of excellence in public art.

Department of Finance and Administrative Services Fire Facilities and Emergency Response Levy 1% for Art funds

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