Courtesy: Arts & Venues Denver: Public Art Program

National Velvet

Denver, Colorado

John McEnroe

Highland Pedestrian Bridge, 2401 15th St, Denver, Colorado, 80202
Owner:  DOCA
Placement:  walkways
Collection:  Arts & Venues Denver: Public Art Program
Artwork Type:  outdoor sculpture
Material:  epoxy resin, fiberglass
Description:  "National Velvet" provides downtown Denver with a striking new work of art that continues the artist’s trademark unorthodox approach to materials, form and contemporary ideas. Utilizing sand as the building blocks for a dynamic new visual motif, "National Velvet" conjures up multiple interpretations through its towering form and the tendrils that spiral through it. Viewers will delight in the sheer scale and playfulness of the work, the dominant red-hue piercing through the sky, both through the day and when lit from within at night.

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