Courtesy: Photo by Ralph Lauer, courtesy of Fort Worth Public Art


Fort Worth, Texas

Rebecca Low (

City Hall / Council Chambers, 200 Texas Street, Fort Worth, Texas, 76102
Owner:  City of Fort Worth (
Date:  2007
Placement:  municipal buildings
Collection:  Fort Worth Public Art
Artwork Type:  sculpture (visual work)
Material:  copper (metal), neon, lighting device components
Description:  At the turn of the twentieth century, Fort Worth was home to the largest livestock market in the Southwest and the “Cowtown” legend became embedded in the myth of the “Old West”. Rebecca Low employs the city’s logo, a longhorn affectionately named “Molly” to commemorate the cattle industry’s impact on the city’s commerce and growth. The sturdy, independent, and highly-adaptable breed has come to symbolize Fort Worth’s spirit.

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