Courtesy: SFCA
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Maui Releasing the Sun

Kahului, Hawaii

Shige Yamada

Kahului Airport, courtyard, Terminal Box 5, 1 Kahului Airport Rd #5, Kahului, Hawaii, 96732-2315
Date:  1992
Placement:  airports
Artwork Type:  sculpture (visual work)
Material:  bronze (metal)
Description:  Shigeharu Yamada, in patinated bronze, expresses a triumph of the human spirit over destiny, a giant human-like form restraining a writhing sun. In a well-known legend, trickster Maui snares the sun at Haleakala, to slow the passage of time and extend the days so his mother`s kapa cloth can better dry. Lassoed, the sun pleads for his life, and agrees to extend summertime days. Man emerges victorious.

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