Courtesy: SFCA
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Kihei Kapa

Honolulu, Hawaii

Pua Van Dorpe

University of Hawaii at Manoa, Library, Interior, Center for Hawaiian Studies, 2645 Dole Street, #209-A, Honolulu, Hawaii, 96822
Date:  2000
Placement:  universities and colleges
Artwork Type:  fiber art
Material:  plant material, dye
Description:  Puanani Van Dorpe created "Kihei Kapa" to honor Lono, ancient Hawaii's powerful god of agriculture, fertility, rainfall, music and peace. The kapa was processed using the same techniques that have allowed ancient kapa to remain firm and secure in museums throughout the world. All materials used the process of recreating the ancient kapa were gathered from natural sources: bark and root scrapings, saps and resins, fruits, berry and plant squeezes, flower oils, vines and scented woods, and many resources from the sea.

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