Courtesy: SFCA
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Lihue, Hawaii

Carol Bennett

Kauai Judiciary Complex, Two Exterior Panels, 3970 Kaana Street, Lihue, Hawaii, 96766-1267
Date:  2005
Placement:  justice centers
Artwork Type:  murals (any medium)
Material:  glass (material)
Description:  In traditional Hawaii, wai (water) was considered sacred. (Wai was the sacred gift of the god Kāne, and this precious resource was maintained by the alii of ancient times.) The course of a stream or beach was deemed unalterable (without the express consent of the alii.) Hence, the word for law is Kānāwai - Pertaining to the waters. The laws we create come to form the lives we lead, just as the waterfall’surse comes to shape the stones it falls upon. Justice rains down like the waters of a mighty stream.

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