Courtesy: Mike Young, YAM Studio
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Seattle, Washington

Ashley Thorner

Southwest Community Center: South entrance, 2801 SW Thistle St., Seattle, Washington, 98126
Owner:  Seattle Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs
Date:  2005
Placement:  community centers
Artwork Type:  outdoor sculpture, public sculpture
Material:  stainless steel, fiberglass
Description:  Ashley Thorner's JUMs combines three elements (jellyfish, umbrellas and mushrooms) that are closely tied to the environment and culture of the Northwest. Consisting of painted stainless steel "stems" and cast fiberglass "caps", the whimsical JUMs are designed to offer the viewer one of its three identities when viewed from various locations throughout the community center. Though dimensionally similar, each JUM has its own unique color representing the diversity found within the Southwest Community Center.

Thorner states: "My goal in creating JUMs is to address the individuality and unity of the neighborhood. I wanted to create something interesting and dynamic for people to look and interact with, to create something eye catching that will attract attention not only from up close but from a distance as well. The artwork may be viewed and interacted with literally on many different levels. Whether viewed from below, like Alice looking up at a giant mushroom, or viewed from above inside the community center as a cluster of floating jellyfish, the JUMs generate a surreal landscape and create a unique identifier for the Southwest Community Center."

Funding Source: Seattle Parks and Recreation 1999 Community Centers Levy 1% for Art.

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