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I See What You Mean™

Denver, Colorado

Lawrence Argent (

Colorado Convention Center, outside main entrance, 706 14th St., Denver, Colorado, 80202
Also known as:  The Blue Bear
Date:  2005
Placement:  convention centers
Collection:  Arts & Venues Denver: Public Art Program
Artwork Type:  outdoor sculpture
Material:  fiberglass, steel (alloy)
Description:  The artist has described I See What You Mean as a stylized representation of native fauna. As the bear peeks inside the enormous facility at the conventioneers, displacement and wonder pique curiosity and question a greater relationship of art, technology and whimsy.
“My public artworks are part of a larger whole,” stated Lawrence Argent. “I am an artist that utilizes assorted mediums and venues to engage the viewer in questioning the assumed and provide a vehicle by which stimulus opens a plethora of responses that defy verbal articulation.”




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The Installation
The Installation


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