Courtesy: Darnéy Willis
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Fayetteville, Arkansas

Darnéy Willis (

Washington Regional Medical Center, 3215 N Northhills Blvd, Fayetteville, Arkansas, 72703
Owner:  Washington Regional Medical Center
Date:  2016
Placement:  health facilities
Collection:  Washington Regional Medical Center
Artwork Type:  paintings (visual works)
Material:  acrylic, canvas, wood (plant material)
Description:  This was a commission to place artwork in this brand new hospital and the theme of all artwork, including the architecture, was to be "healing". I had a vision to create a triptych created from the concept of irises seen from 3 views: a middle distance; semi- close-up of mainly one iris; and a very close up of one - all to be placed on this 40' long wall. I wanted to lead the viewer from a "normal" or "more familiar" view of a middle distance collection of several iris images in the left panel over to a little more unusual view with the right panel which is focused on one major iris with two small irises in the background and then into the center (literally) of the triptych with a closeup view of one very large iris. I painted in a range mostly of purples, blues, and greens, believing these to be soothing colors and fitting for the theme of "healing". At the Grand Opening this "healingirises" triptych was well received and, to my knowledge, is still so today. I am very grateful to my Creator and to the hospital for the opportunity to place this work in a hospital surgery recovery waiting room, realizing it has the opportunity to minister to many people and is accessible 24/7.

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