Courtesy: Ed Carpenter, Andrea Brizzi
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Dream Leaves

Honolulu, Hawaii

Ed Carpenter (

John A Burns School of Medicine, 651 Ilalo Street, Honolulu, Hawaii, 96813
Owner:  John A Burns School of Medicine
Date:  2004, 2005
Placement:  health facilities
Artwork Type:  outdoor sculpture
Material:  stainless steel, glass (material), concrete, flagstone
Description:  This commission is an entrance feature for both the new Medical School and adjacent Kakaako Waterfront Park. Its forms are derived from images of taro plants, for centuries at the center of Hawaiian life and mythology, providing sustenance both physically and spiritually. The composition of stem-like poles and enormous abstract leaves undulates around two sides of the school, enveloping the landscape, and re-scaling the architecture. Laminated glass details change color from different angles and cast lacy, moving images on the building and walkways. Students and visitors pass under and through “…a garden of the mind, a landscape of botanical memories, wildly out of scale, mingling imagery of leaves, hearts, veins in a vast organic world---strange, comforting, protecting.”

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