Courtesy: Ioana Urma
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Discover North Long Beach Street Banner

Long Beach, California

Ioana Urma (

(40) prints of the banner are located throughout North Long Beach, centered on Atlantic Avenue & E South Street, Atlantic Avenue & E South Street, Long Beach, California, 90805
Date:  2011, 2011
Placement:  roadsides
Collection:  Long Beach Redevelopment Agency
Artwork Type:  monoprints (painting and printing works)
Material:  electronic image components, vinyl, steel (alloy)
Description:  This banner celebrates the redevelopment agency's huge urban renewal efforts and is located in (40) double-sided copies throughout North Long Beach. The banner locations change as the banners relocate to different streets over time.

The start of the design came from the community/redevelopment agency's choice of the word DISCOVER (in that particular font).

The rest represents the community and place: multicultural (largely African American and Latino), with a cool skating park, a new cycling masterplan, and the Art Deco era theater tower.

The green background is to represent the city's green efforts, renewal, and to simply add more "green" color to these Southern California streets.



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