Courtesy: Arts & Venues Denver: Public Art Program
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Deep Time/Deep Space, a Subterranean Journey

Denver, Colorado

Leni Schwendinger (

Denver International Airport, 8291 Pena Blvd., Denver, Colorado, 80249
Owner:  DOCA
Date:  1994
Placement:  airports
Collection:  Denver International Airport, Arts & Venues Denver: Public Art Program
Artwork Type:  sculpture (visual work)
Material:  mixed media
Description:  "Deep Time/Deep Space, a Subterranean Journey" is a mile-long light and sculpture installation sited in the inbound train tunnel. The work is inspired by Colorado's industrial and social history and transforms the tunnel with images drawn from related environments including a mineshaft, a cave and deep space. Train riders experience animated sculptural forms from miners' pickaxes to hovering satellites. Made of more than 5,000 feet of conduit, strips of reflective sheeting, construction materials, steel shapes and light; the highly sophisticated sequence of lighting effects is controlled by an industrial computer and sensor system traditionally used to automate factory assembly lines.

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