Courtesy: David Walega
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Cloud Stones

Seattle, Washington

Stacy Levy

Mineral Springs Park: Installed in grassy areas along a path in the park, 1500 N. 105th St., Seattle, Washington, 19133
Owner:  Seattle Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs
Date:  2004
Placement:  parks (grounds)
Artwork Type:  outdoor sculpture, public sculpture
Material:  granite (rock), marble (rock)
Description:  Stacy Levy's Cloud Stones reflect the sky, much as water would, and act as active visual spots showing the movement of clouds and providing impromptu seating within the grass areas along a path at Mineral Springs Park. Cloud Stones are polished black granite and white marble half domes of varying diameters and heights. Phrases sandblasted around the base of each stone reference various ways weather patterns are described. The stones interact with the daily environmental changes. They become white and "glowing" on moonlit nights while the black drops away. The black stones absorb the sun's warmth and release it as night falls retaining a connection to the day's weather. The artist responded to the site's curving path, creating a meandering artwork and referencing a spring that used to be on the site.

Funding Source: Seattle Parks and Recreation 2000 Parks Levy 1% for Art.

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