Courtesy: Landmarks Staff

Clock Knot

Austin, Texas

Mark di Suvero (

Berm between CPE and ETC, 200 E DEAN KEETON ST, Austin, Texas, 78712
Owner:  Landmarks, The University of Texas at Austin (
Date:  2007
Placement:  universities and colleges
Collection:  University of Texas, Austin | Landmarks
Artwork Type:  sculpture (visual work)
Material:  steel (alloy), paint
Description:  Located on the northeast corner of Dean Keeton and Speedway, the monumental sculpture Clock Knot by Mark di Suvero exemplifies the power of public art to transform the university’s landscape. The title for the forty-one-foot Clock Knot was arrived at when the artist held a contest to name the work. A poet from New York suggested the winning title, which suits the work perfectly and adds a dimension of wordplay. From one vantage point, the Clock Knot’s crossed I-beams and circular “knotted” center suggest a giant clock face with a horizontal clock “hand” extending to the left. But as one moves around the work to the left or right, what had been read as a vertical beam from 12:00 to 6:00 shows itself to be one leg of an inverted V form. Suddenly, is it a clock or not/knot? Walking around Clock Knot produces constantly changing views, and moving under it creates yet another experience of the sculpture and its space.

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