Courtesy: Eskenazi Health, Photo: Hadley Fruits
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Calm Waters

Indianapolis, Indiana

Kathy Bradford (

Eskenazi Health | Sidney & Lois Eskenazi Hospital l 4th Floor Richard M. Fairbanks Burn Center Yellow Elevator Lobby, 720 Eskenazi Ave., Indianapolis, Indiana, 46202
Owner:  Eskenazi Health
Date:  2013
Placement:  hospitals
Collection:  Eskenazi Health Art Collection
Artwork Type:  installations (visual works), sound sculpture
Material:  glass (material), paint
Description:  Calm Waters is a 2013 large glass and paint installation for the entry to the Burn Center. This mixed-media artwork measuring 20 feet wide and 6 1/2 feet tall, is made of seven panels of ⅜-inch thick clear laminated glass that has been sand-carved, and etched glass in clear, white and shades of gray plus a second glass technique called “glue-chipping” to add sparkle. The glass stands several inchesn front of a hand-painted abstract background in deep blues, grays and teals. The combination gives the illusion of great depth, and the composition changes as the viewer walks past.

Bradford describes the ‘glue-chipping’ technique (also known as ‘brillianting’) as a “very old technique used in art glass that can be traced back a hundred years or more. Basically, glass is etched first and then covered with horsehide glue. This glue remains one of our strongest natural glues made from horsehide and has been used for centuries. Because the glue shrinks when it dries, it will pull off the etched glass surface in small pieces as it contracts, creating a textural clear surface, sometimes leaving a little white frosted here and there resembling frost on a window. The hospital project has ‘double glue-chipping’ meaning the whole process was performed twice. The second round of glue will remove any and all little areas of white, leaving the textured surface clear.”

“This imagery is of a large body of calm water with cloud reflections throughout composition. This imagery is intended to transport the thoughts of the viewer, creating relaxation and calmness. Combining the art glass with the painted wall behind the glass surface creates multiple colors shifting throughout the composition. It is intended to intrigue the viewer and encourage further investigation.” -Kathy Bradford

Kathy Bradford received her BA in art education from the University of Missouri at Kansas City and studied glass at Colorado Mountain College and at the Stained Glass School with renowned artist Paul Marioni. Her work has been profiled in Art Glass Quarterly and Glass Art magazine, and she has lectured at international glass art conferences. Bradford’s significant commissions include public art for the University of Nebraska at Omaha and glass art for the Abramson Center for Jewish Life in Philadelphia, the Russian Tea Room in New York and the Good Samaritan Hospital in Downers Grove, Illinois, among many others. She lives in Lyons, Colorado.

“Having become well versed in many different media, I found glass to be the material most intriguing and challenging. Glass is a “fluid in a semi-hard state” and the material spoke to me in an intimate way, a way in which I completely understood in our conversations.”

“Over a 35-year history of pursuing glass art, I have created many compositions using the imagery of water. Glass and water are kindred spirits. Compositions have been produced in stained glass, sandblast etching and sand carving, fusing and slumping. Combining special techniques, such as the glue-chipping included in the [Eskenazi] creation further emphasizes my love of optics, clarity and fluidity.” - Kathy Bradford

Dedicated with gratitude, Prof. N.L. Georgakopoulos



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