Courtesy: Ulrich Pakker
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Breaking Earth's Bond

Huntsville, Alabama

Ulrich Pakker (

Central plaza, 1200 Gateway, Huntsville, Alabama, 35808
Date:  2011, 2013
Placement:  plazas
Collection:  Corporate Office Property Trust (COPT)
Artwork Type:  sculpture (visual work)
Material:  stainless steel
Description:  In Breaking Earth’s Bond (Huntsville, AL, 2013) three monumental components invite the viewers to ‘hear’ the story of the area’s role in space exploration. Twenty-five foot tall, stainless steel Trajectory, the most vertical element, traces the rocket’s path as it leaves the launch pad, creating a solid version of an ephemeral phenomena. Bridge is the arc of history: hundreds of thousands of people involved in aerospace exploration past, present and future. Bridge’s peephole allows us to read this story both from outside and inside the arc. Hydrazine Molecules lie scattered around the site. We seem to be looking through the wrong end of the telescope, as we are taken inside the molecular world of the Nitrogens and Hydrogens of the very first jet fuel.

Breaking Earth’s Bond received the 2013 UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) art ward from the U.S. Commissioner for UNESCO for “Inspiring Peace and Humanity through Art and Science.”

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