Courtesy: Los Angeles County Arts Commission Civic Art Collection
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Lancaster, California

Maya Gohill (

Michael D. Antonovich Antelope Valley Courthouse, 42011 4th St. West, Lancaster, California, 93534
Owner:  Los Angeles County Arts Commission Civic Art Collection
Date:  2003
Placement:  courthouses
Artwork Type:  mural paintings (visual works)
Material:  acrylic paint
Description:  Bestowal, a 94’ w x 30” h acrylic mural, occupies a ribbon of wall above the Antonovich Antelope Valley Courthouse’s entryway. It was created in 2003 by Antelope Valley College art instructor Maya Gohill with assistance from seven of her students. The mural depicts a slightly stylized Antelope Valley landscape from dawn to dusk. Images include the Valley’s surrounding mountains, red poppy fields, and yucca cactus blossoms. The mural was initiated and funded by the Fifth District. It was painted on canvas strips and attached to the wall before the Courthouse’s dedication ceremony in October 2003.

About the Artist: Born in Calgary, Canada in 1974, Maya Gohill grew up in Canada and received her BFA from the University of Calgary in 1997. She later traveled abroad and received her MFA in illustration from the Academy of Art College in San Francisco. She taught fine art for several years at Antelope Valley College before relocating back to Calgary where she now currently lives and works. Gohill has won two awards from the New York Society of Illustrators for her work.

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