Courtesy: Seattle Office of Arts & Culture
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Ballard Boat

Seattle, Washington

Charles Greening

Ballard Community Center Playground, 6020 28th Ave NW, Seattle, Washington, 98107
Date:  1989
Placement:  playgrounds
Artwork Type:  sculpture (visual work)
Material:  concrete, bronze (metal), rubber (material), cedar
Description:  "Ballard Boat" represents a full-scale halibut schooner's prow emerging from the water. The bow of the "boat" points southwest, to the origin of Puget Sound storms. Highly detailed and finely crafted, the sculpture is made of cast concrete, cedar branches, brass and other miscellaneous objects. The artwork, located in a sandy play area to the west of the building, is used as a play structure by children who attend the Community Center preschool as well as by other children from the surrounding neighborhood. Chuck Greening received a commission in 1986 to produce an artwork for the new Ballard Community Center. He participated on the design team for the project and produced an artwork that is based on Ballard's historical connection with fishing. Seattle Parks and Recreation 1% for Art funds

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