Courtesy: Eskenazi Health, Photo: Hadley Fruits
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Indianapolis, Indiana

Tim Ryan (

Eskenazi Health | Sidney & Lois Eskenazi Hospital l 6th Floor Multispecialist Outpatient Wiating Room, 720 Eskenazi Ave., Indianapolis, Indiana, 46202
Owner:  Eskenazi Health (
Date:  2013
Placement:  hospitals
Collection:  Eskenazi Health Art Collection
Artwork Type:  installations (visual works)
Material:  ceramic (material)
Description:  Balance incorporates production by the artist and participants in workshops conducted by the artist with Eskenazi Midtown Community Mental Health Center. Tim Ryan’s work for the eye and senior care waiting area in the outpatient building is a textured ceramic tile installation that comprises two elements separated by a distance but still related with a lively exchange of angles, patterns and color. This piece expresses the interplay and overlap between outwardly geometric and apparently organic, right and left, logic and romance. Horizontal flow from geometric to organic creates immediate visual interest and resonates on a visceral level as an invitation to enter the art, to project oneself into it. Because it is abstract, this piece is suggestive, open to implication, reaching for a commonality.

“Balance is an abstract work of art, intended to be visually interesting enough to invite a deeper look, finding personal patterns and significance. I think that the egg shape absolutely expresses this intersection of perfectly geometric and organic as well as hard edged triangles and soft texture.” - Tim Ryan

Balance is a 2013 glazed ceramic wall installation designed by Tim Ryan. The work is composed of two panels on adjacent walls in the Eye and Elderly Care Clinic Outpatient Lobby on the 6th floor of the Eskenazi Hospital Building. Each panel measures approximately 15 feet by 4 feet by 3 ½ inches. Both panels feature textured triangular tiles (glazed with a matte blue and green glaze) that surround a channel containing embedded white-glazed “eggs” that are set in place with red-tinted grout. All the clay elements were made using high-fire stoneware clay, but the three elements were constructed using differing techniques; the triangular tiles are hand-rolled slab-cut tiles, the “rails” were made using a ceramic extruder, and the “eggs” were thrown on the ceramic wheel. The artworks were installed by adhering the tiles, grout and eggs directly onto the wall. The frame acts to contain the tile panels and grout and provides a smooth, sleek edge around the artworks. Joseph Prout, the artist’s studio assistant, helped with the installation of these works.

Ryan, now based in Indianapolis, is a native of New Jersey, receiving a BA in English from Seton Hall University and attending classes at New York’s Lincoln Center Institute for Arts in Education. A former production potter and current clay artist, Ryan exhibits and sells his work in Central Indiana and teaches ceramics at the Indianapolis Art Center, at VSA Arts of Indiana and at the Indiana School for the Blind and Visually Impaired. He has also conducted clay workshops for Riley Hospital for Children, Camp Isanogle, Wabash Valley Day Treatment Program, Young Audiences of Indiana, Indianapolis Public Schools and Camp Awareness, among others, where he focuses on teaching special-needs audiences, particularly youth. Ryan is a recipient of the Arts Council of Indianapolis’ Creative Renewal Fellowship and advises on arts and disabilities throughout the region.

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