Courtesy: Los Angeles County Arts Commission Civic Art Collection

Among the Valiant

Los Angeles, California

Richard Haro (

Ruben F. Salazar Park, 3864 Whittier Boulevard, Los Angeles, California, 90023
Owner:  Los Angeles County Arts Commission Civic Art Collection
Date:  2009
Placement:  parks (recreation areas)
Artwork Type:  mural paintings (visual works)
Material:  acrylic paint, canvas
Description:  After Richard Haro completed the mural God Blesses Everyone Who Tries at Ruben F. Salazar Park Senior Center, an idea arose from Park staff for him to paint another mural at the Center, this one about East Los Angeles veterans. Seniors who frequented Salazar Park in East Los Angeles began to raise funds and also help Haro solicit photos from local veterans and their families. Haro then translated these photographs into the mural’s collage imagery. The acrylic mural will span three walls, but at this point covers only the North wall and measures 7’ x 34’. It is painted on canvas which has been mounted to the wall. See Richard Haro, Ruben F. Salazar Park, God Blesses Everyone Who TriesAbout the Artist: Raised in East Los Angeles, Richard Haro studied art at East Los Angeles College. Haro did most of his murals during the 1960s and 1970s including a 40-panel work at Sierra Park Elementary School and a piece at the Watts Towers Arts Center. He was also one of the first artists to exhibit at Goez Art Studio and Gallery. In more recent years Haro has painted portraits and taught art to the mentally disabled.

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