Courtesy: Los Angeles County Arts Commission Civic Art Collection
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4 AM, Along for the Ride, Hose, and 45th Fire

Palmdale, California

Jason Greene (

Fire Station 93, 5624 East Avenue R, Palmdale, California, 93552
Owner:  Los Angeles County Arts Commission Civic Art Collection
Date:  2008
Placement:  fire stations
Artwork Type:  oil paintings (visual works)
Material:  oil paint (pigmented coating), varnish, gesso, wood and wood products
Description:  In the summer of 2008 artist Jason Greene was chosen to create artworks for Fire Station 93. As part of his orientation and design process he completed a residency with the County Fire Department. After spending many days and nights in Palmdale fire stations and accompanying firefighters on ride-alongs, Greene created four oil on wood paintings based on sketches from his residency. The works capture both the extraordinary acts the firefighters accomplish every day as well as the more mundane details of their jobs. Greene intends this juxtaposition to intimately document and commemorate the firefighters’ unusual lives.

Fire Station 93 serves the growing residential areas in the City of Palmdale. The 11,000 square foot facility houses equipment bays and provides dormitory space for a Battalion Chief and Fire Department personnel.

Additionally, Greene created five oil on wood paintings for Fire Station 136, also located in Palmdale.

About the Artist: Jason Greene resides and exhibits his artwork in Portland, Oregon. In 2004 he was chosen as an artist-in-residence for the Portland Fire Bureau and produced approximately two hundred paintings for six fire stations. Greene writes that, “being around the firefighters was extremely humbling and it caused me to re-evaluate what it means to serve a community. I found myself wanting to create something not only the public would enjoy, but something the firefighters themselves could also appreciate.” Greene believes that his art is, “…the product of an innate desire to observe and record visually.” He has a BFA from Mississippi State University with an emphasis in drawing and painting.

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