Utah Public Art Statewide Collection

Utah's public art collection, owned by the citizens of the state, is comprised of over 200 works at, in and on sites from St. George to Logan and Tooele to Vernal. The collection ranges from small photographs and delicate textiles to monumental works of stone and metal. Each work was created by artists from Utah and all over the United States in direct response to; the architecture, the services offered by the state agency, the constituent served by the agency, the community, or all of the above, making each work truly specific to its location. Every commissioned artist was selected by community based selection committees.

State of Utah's public art sites

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Joyce Crain's sculpture in Blanding

Atmosphere by Joyce Crain based on the desert virga of the desert southwest.
270 works in this collection
1207 images in this collection

Selected works from the collection

Title: Capitol Reef
Artist: V. Douglas Snow
Title: elsewhere
Artist: Nancy Braver
Title: Escher's Elevator
Artist: Jack Archibald
Title: Laurie Ann
Artist: James Avati
Title: Rainbow Cloud
Artist: Frank Nackos

State of Utah Public Art Collection

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