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With a rich collection of public art and a diverse creative population, Santa Monica is dedicated to the belief that art is a basic city service and is essential to our city's continued vitality. Our extensive collection, which ranges from murals to interactive installations, fortifies the city's cultural base and enhances the overall Santa Monica experience. The City of Santa Monica remains committed to integrating art into the daily life of our community, and invites you to enjoy the collection of public art that makes our city great.

Artwork Around Santa Monica

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Weather Field No. 1 Installation

Located at Tongva Park, Santa Monica, California

Cradle Installation Time Lapse

Located at 1518 4th Street, Santa Monica, California
69 works in this collection
91 images in this collection

Five Pieces to Visit

Title: Wheels
Artist: Anne Marie Karlsen
Title: Livin' Together
Artist: Abbie Jane Baron
Title: Cradle
Artist: Ball-Nogues Studio
Title: Twilight & Yearning
Artist: Manfred Muller
Title: Digital Divide
Artist: Dan Corson

Santa Monica's Complete Public Art Collection

City of Santa Monica Cultural Affairs Division

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